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    Seeking film with ID of 428-NPC-10896


      I am trying to find a "good" copy of "Task Force" ID 428-NPC-10896 & ID 428-NPC-10897. Kamikaze shots include: Kamikaze plane striking water off bow of carrier. Kamikaze hitting water, after being hit from aircraft fire. Kamikaze going through flak. Guns firing at Kamikaze aircraft. Kamikaze being hit. Kamikaze plane hitting water next to carrier. Two Kamikazes flying through flak. Kamikaze with flak heading toward plane; with plane striking water. Kamikaze plane diving toward a Carrier, striking carrier in island; smoke rises from island.  AA fire hitting a Kamikaze; Kamikaze exploding in water. Kamikaze striking water near side of carrier. Kamikaze in flight over water through flak; BB firing at plane; plane is hit, hits the carrier and slides across flight deck.   My father helped with the film, and our copy is not good quality. I know it is someplace in the USN archive but don't know where to begin searching.