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    Seeking deceased father's military & medical records

    Jonathan Abbott Newbie

      I would like to like to obtain my deceased father's records in regards to medical history. He passed away when I was young but I would like to know if he had any medical issues that I should be aware of.

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          Sherrye Lamma Wayfarer

          The best option is to go to www.va.gov and do a search for an SF 180 form.  Fill it out to the best of your ability, and if possible, provide some sort of proof of death - a death certificate, statement from a funeral home, newspaper obituary ...  Instructions including where to send it are all on www.va.gov   Be aware that at this time, the National Personnel Records Center, where this information will be stored, is currently very short-staffed and/or working remotely due to Covid.  They are only responding to requests for emergency situations such as burials, homeless vets, etc.

          If you do not have all the needed information for the form, some good places for research would include findagrave.com, the health department and recorders office of the town he lived, etc.  They are really good at providing military records, but I am unsure if they will give you his medical records.  Good luck and have patience with them.

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            Shannon Kerner Adventurer

            Dear Mr. Abbott,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            Individual medical reports of veterans who left the Army (prior to October 16, 1992), Air Force (prior to May 1994), Navy (prior to January 31, 1994), or Marine Corps (prior to May 1994) are in the custody of NARA's National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  Please complete a GSA Standard Form 180 and mail it to the National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002.


            Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPRC is closed except for emergencies. Currently, NPRC will continue servicing requests ONLY associated with medical treatments, burials, and homeless veterans seeking admittance to a homeless shelter. If your request is urgent, please see Emergency Requests and Deadlines. Please refrain from submitting non-emergency requests such as replacement medals, administrative corrections, or records research until NPRC returns to pre-COVID staffing levels. Please check archives.gov/veterans for updates to the NPRC operating hours and status. We apologize for any inconvenience.


            For medical records of veterans who left the Army (after October 15, 1992), Air Force (after April 30, 1994), Navy (after January 31, 1994) or the Marine Corps (after April 30, 1994) and prior to 2014 should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Records Management Center (VARMC), 4300 Goodfellow Blvd. Bldg# 104, St. Louis, MO 63120. Please write or call them. The telephone number is 1-888-533-4558. See https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/medical-records.html and/or https://benefits.va.gov/benefits/ for more information.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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