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    Seeking death records for Cynthia & Crawford Marlow

    Noelle Flynn Newbie

      I am looking for assistance in obtaining death records for a Cynthia Marlow (1843 - Jan 1, 1885 in Fannin Co, TX) and a Crawford Marlow (10 November 1844 - Oct 31 1907 in Murray Co, OK), one who is my 3x great grandmother and her full-brother. Both these people died before either state started keeping death records. If so, am I at a loss for finding these or is there a way I can still get official records that date back this far? Crawford Marlow is the last of my ancestors that enrolled in the Choctaw Nation on either side of my family, which requires documentation like a birth or death certificate to prove lineage. I would like help showing my grandmother's relationship to her great-grandmother's uncle in hopes it will aid her enrollment process.