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    Seeking collection of Rell Clements Photographs

    Brian Nicely Adventurer

      Is there an archive/collection of Rell (RS) Clements photographs?  Rell (RS) Clements was an American photographer prior to and during WWII. He was known for his ability to make panoramic photos. He did a lot of work around Lakehurst, NJ and North Carolina. I have 2ea unit photos that he is the photographer of, and would like to see if there are others.   The 2ea I have are Battery photos of the 270th Field Artillery Battalion while training at Camp Butner, NC circa 1943/44. The photos I have are numbered 1740 and 1741.  I assume that there are 1742 and 1743 to represent the other 2ea Batteries assigned to the Battalion.  Example of 1741 below