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    Seeking military records of Louis James Kish

    Jim Kish Newbie

      I am seeking military records for my father, Louis James Kish, who was born on Aug 8, 1915 in Cleveland, Ohio.  The information on his registration card was serial #795, and order # 1294. He married Mary Dluzen on Feb. 10, 1942 in Ida, Monroe County,  MI. I (James Louis Kish) was born Mar 28, 1943 In Movave, California on what is now know as Edwards Air Force Base.  My father Louis was in the Army Air Force. My Father passed away in Aug 14,  2007.  His last know address was 841 Sonoma, Santa Rosa, California 95404. He was divorced from my Mother Mary Dluzen in Feb 14, 1951. Then he married Catherine L Kimball.