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    Seeking information about Janos & Kati Bors & Teresa Henyecz


      Hi, I'm seeking information about my ancestors Janos (John) Bors and his sister Kati Bors, as well as Janos's wife Teresa Henyecz Bors.  We believe Janos was born in Horvath, Hungary on July 21, 1880 and died in 1921 in Ohio in a coal mining accident.  He was married to Teresa Henyecz, who was born on July 13, 1886 in Borshod, Hungary and died in 1936 in the U.S.  Janos's sister, Kati, lived nearby in Ohio and was married to a man named Steve Bolash.  Kati became a U.S. citizen, but we are unsure if Janos also became a citizen.  Moreover, on Kati's paperwork, it says she came from Yugoslavia, but we have always known the family to be ethnically Hungarian.  Does this detail simply reflect the shifting geopolitical nature of the region during the time, or was the family actually Yugoslavian?  I am wondering when each of these Individuals left Hungary and arrived in the United States.  I'm also wondering if Janos as well as his sister were already married when they came to the U.S. or if they met their spouses after they arrived here.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for the insight!!