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    Who was Paschal Ormsbee/Ormsby/Armsby's true identity?

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      Who was Paschal Ormsbee/Ormsby/Armsby's true identity? He lived from 1810-1877, His wife's name is Mary Allen 1813-1891, her father is Stephen Allen 1783-1854, mother is Chloe Humphrey 1794-1894. Her sister is married into family as well, Mercy Ann Allen Horton 1828-1897. There are family stories that say there is American Indian blood in this branch. I was witness to Angeline Medbury's 1884-1974, statement in 1971. She is a great grandmother to my ex-wife. Her grandfather was Paschal Ormsbee.


      Paschal Ormsbee was deaf and mute going by census records. His profession was shoemaker (footwear), also on census' 1850,1860 and 1870. There is a mistake on the 1850 census of his family name being Ormesher and it was clerically corrected to Ormsbee.


      Paschal was run over by a train at a crossing in a switch-back maneuver March 9th 1877 East Providence, Rhode Island, his residence was in Rehoboth/Swansea  Massachusetts nearby. His wife ,Mary, sued the Providence Boston Railway and after two trials received $2,500. (probably the court costs and lawyer fees). It was judged that the Railway didn't have enough safety lighting equipment. The case got written up in law book easily found on the Internet. I found the amount Mary received in a small write-up in a newspaper in about 1882 but I have not found an article on the Railway accident. The other question you will find here is mine as well but this is more current information.