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    Latin Text

    Caren Barry Newbie

      I have looked at the cheat sheets for transcribing the documents in the Spanish legal document campaign and today I came across some of the markings that indicate letters have been left out in the Latin text. Am I correct in assuming that we are to use the diacritcal marks as shown in the document and NOT add the missing letters?

      I have also noticed unusual spacing of punctuation:

      Sometimes a comma is both preceded and followed by a space  This seems to occur in the text.

      Sometimes there is no space before or after a period.  This seems to occur in what appear to be reference citations at the end of a section.


      Should I be reproducing this as is or is it making it more difficult for reviewers?


      (I have been doing this intermittently for a month and I just realized that I had not registered for an account when I first started. )


      Caren Barry