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    Seeking passenger & crew immigration manifest of The "Hindenburg"

    Michael Schoen Newbie

      Hi  I'm trying to identify the passengers and crew who were aboard the Zeppelin "Hindenburg" during one of her flights to the United States. Specifically, I'm interested in the flight that departed from Friedrichshafen, Germany on August 5, 1936 and arrived at Lakehurst, NJ on August 8, 1936. I believe there will be at least two U.S. Immigration Service manifests/forms: one for U.S. citizens, and a second for "aliens." NARA appears to have a broad selection of this sort of information, but I didn't see Lakehurst on the list. Perhaps that is due to the unique nature of the Lakehurst: a U.S. Navy airship station where German passenger Zeppelins were permitted to dock after crossing the Atlantic. I've attached two samples of what I'm looking for. They're manifests from the Hindenburg's first flight to the United States in May of 1936. The top-right corner of the documents indicate that they were issued by the "[?] Department of Labor - Immigration Services." The form numbers are blurry, but based on this NARA document I believe that they are a Form 630 (U.S. citizens) and Form 500 (aliens). Thank you for any help you can provide, or suggestions on where else I should be looking!


      Sample list of Hindenburg passengers - U.S. CitizensSample list of Hindenburg passengers - Aliens