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    Seeking records about Bartholomew Golankiewicz

    Judith Kapp Wayfarer

      Are there records available listing immigrants arriving by ship that were denied entrance to the USA and their deposition from 1885-1905? I am tracing the life of an ancestor by the name of Bartholomew Golankiewicz who was born in Przeworsk, Poland.  He facilitated the immigration of several of his children and nephews to the USA between 1886 and 1903.  On his last trip escorting his young son, John Vincent Golankiewicz, he was detained by immigration when they arrived at NYC because the medical officer determined that he was senile.  He was sent back home on the Moltke, which I believe was likely going to Antwerp, Netherlands.  Bartholomew’s young son was not detained and likely was released to his stepsister, Sophia Golankiewicz Majewski, who helped many of her relatives get settled in the USA.  I would also like to learn about who arranged for their trip home, who paid for the trip, and where he landed in Europe.  I am curious about who would have looked out for someone who may have been too handicapped to travel alone during this trip.  I appreciate any you might give me in located such denial/deportation documents and/or specific help with Bartholomew’s denied entry.

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          Cara Jensen Tracker

          Dear Ms. Kapp,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Please see our previous post at Seeking deportation of Bartholomew Golankiewicz.  Information about Bartholomew Golankiewicz’s return trip, including if he had an escort, may be in the records of his Bureau of Special Inquiry hearing.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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              Judith Kapp Wayfarer

              Thank you Cara, I'm sorry for the similar postings.  I must have inadvertently turned off the email notifications from History Hub and then misinterpreted the lack of notices as no responses.  Indeed, there are some very helpful responses to my original query including yours!  I appreciate you and all your associates on the History Hub for helping the users negotiate not only the National Archives but so many other resources.  Your service is invaluable to newbies like me.  Best regards, Judy

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              Bunny SIEGEL Newbie


              I have come across Sophia & Jan Majewski in my research.  Sophia is listed as a midwife in census records & NYC directories.  For immigration records use "Sofie Golonka" in the Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934.  She departed Hamburg on 6/18/1886.  I believe she & John were married in Brooklyn on 9/21/1888.  Certificate of marriage, Brooklyn, shows John Myoski & Sophia Golankiswies.  Names are so close & ages fit.  They seemed to have always lived at 650 E. 226th St in the Bronx (Williamsburg area).   John died after 1900 census but before the 1905 NY census.  Death cert. names Sophie Majewski, widow, at this address, dying 12/18/1937, father as Bartholomew Golankiewicz, mother Antonia Gadowska.    According to marriage records, Sophie & John's daughter, Wanda, married Sophie's step (half) brother, Frank Joseph.  


              Sophia's father, Bartlomej Golonka, is listed in the Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934.  He was born abt 1841, left Hamburg 6/18, 1886 & his occupation is listed as a "furrier".  He is also listed a furrier in 1891 Galicia Business Directory...perhaps answering your questions about who was paying for these trips.   Sofie & her 2 children traveled to & from Poland, leaving Hamburg on 10/6/1895.


              My father's Polish surname has quite a # of variant spellings.  But they all are similar to Majewski & they first settled on 227th & Bronxwood Ave in the Bronx, close to John & Sophie's address.  I am trying to find a connection between John Majewski (Sophia's husband) & my ancestors.   Have you run across John's parents names?


              Hope some of the previous info helps you.