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    Seeking location of land in 1880s surveyor's field book

    Cris Hart Newbie

      I have a field book from a surveyor that seems to cover an area around the Tennessee and Kentucky borders.   References are made to the Cumberland River, Williams Creek, Otter Creek, Pine Creek, Bear Creek, the latitude line of 36 degrees and 30 minutes and Monticello Road. The surveyors name was Scotty (last name Scott).  In the book he refers to the landowners, grants, and at least one reference to 'recorded in the book of deeds"


      I have no personal or family connections with this area, I was given the book by someone who knew me as a railroad history follower.  'Scotty' was described as a railroad civil engineer but that's all I've got. Help locating the deeds or location would be appreciated so I can turn this book over to an appropriate history interest.  So far I've identified three possible counties this could be in.  However since the Cumberland River passes 36 degrees 30 minutes in several places I could be off. 


      The book is branded “Field Book 361”, 4.5” x 7.5 “, leather type cover, approx. 120 pages of hand entered data plus tables that refer to radius of track and railroad iron by weight.  Inside cover is written “Martha Scotts fathers book He was a railroad designing engineer called ‘Scotty’  C 1860”.  Here's a little excerpt: P.2   "Calls of Geo Smith 200 A deed from Calvin Thomas heirs to Emily Smith wife of Geo Smith  beginning on stooping(sp?) white oak in latitude 36 30   running with east line N87 45e 105 p and then to a stake and Gum tree near the Monticello Road…..  date of deed Jun(Jan?) 25 1889 Note Book II page 73  Recorded Book of Deeds S page 377-8 Feb 20 1889". (Note: Monticello is in KY, roads leading to if called Monticello Rd unknown to me). Thank you for your help!