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    Seeking biographical information for John of Padua


      Hello,  I am doing research on the medieval alchemist writer called John of Padua/Johann de Padua/Joannis de Padua/Joannes de Padua/Johannes von Padua.  Some sources suggest he lived in the 13th or 14th century, while others say he was probably from the 16th century.  Many of the works attributed to him that I've seen so far were published in the 16th-18th centuries, with some printed for the first time in the mid-16th century.  The alchemical treatise Liber Secretorum was first printed at Magdeburg in 1602, and was also found in the Aureum Vellus of Trismosinus, Hamburg, 1708 (page 30 in Library Journal, volume 23, R. R. Bowker Company, 1898).  Any additional information about this person or recommendations for additional sources are welcome!  Thank you!