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    How should I transcribe calendars?

    Tyler Buividas Newbie

      I was transcribing pages in the Women's Suffrage Project and came across this page (https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/organizing-for-womens-suffrage-the-nawsa-records/subject-file-n-z/mss3413201854/mss34132… ). I was just wondering how we are supposed to transcribe the calendar with its "marked" dates (the boxed ones)? Anything to help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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          Henry Rosenberg Navigator

          Fellow volunteer here. I usually do not transcribe a calendar unless there is something handwritten on it and even then I just transcribe the handwritten part. Let's see if the moderators chime in. Also I added [* to the part of the page that is upside down. I was told that is what they want for that or marginalia.



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            Lauren Algee Tracker

            Hi Tyler! This is an interesting question! Henry is right that in the case of many calendars we have previous advised not to transcribe the printed calendar text. Some date books contain pages and pages of this type of template or almanac text which has little value to historical research (such as this Mary Church Terrell example). However, since this calendar text is about the suffrage movement, and it is likely that people searching for suffrage information would be interested in it, I think you should transcribe those paragraphs. I don't think you need to transcribe the calendar itself aside perhaps from the top line giving the date ("July 1936 July"). Transcribing the days of the week or rows of numbers would not add to researcher's ability to search for or read this item, which are our primary goals. Whenever you encounter a "gray area" of what to transcribe, I recommend asking yourself how the mode of transcription you're considering might serve those two goals. Hope this helps!

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