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    Seeking access to Marine Corps Muster Rolls on Roll 0794

    Francisco Abril Wayfarer

      Researching the 2nd Marine Division for June 1944, the battle of Saipan, it looks like the available muster rolls in Ancestry.com is missing the one that contains the division's muster rolls. Roll 0793 is for Volume X - Fleet Marine Force No. 2 for the month of June 1944 and roll 0795  is for Volume XII - Fleet Marine Force No. 4 also for June 1944.  So, 0794 should contain Volume XI - Fleet Marine Force No. 3, but instead it is for Volume XII - Fleet Marine Force No. 6 for the month of January 1945, which is incorrect (this same volume is also in roll 0917). I have contacted Ancestry.com several times and they are aware of the issue, but nothing is being done. Also I got an email a long back from Archivist Nathaniel Patch at the National Archives that confirms that the issue was reported to Ancestry back in March 2019.  Does any one know where the roll might be hiding?  This is holding up my research of the 2nd Marine Division activities during a critical battle in their history.  Also, anyone know how to escalate the issue so it does get fixed?