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    Seeking Civil War sword authentication

    Katherine DiLorenzo Newbie

      My cousin is in possession of a family heirloom... Our 3xggf who served with the Union was  issued a sword that he used in the Civil War. It was never cleaned, so it still has blood stains and chips from hitting bone. We know it belonged to this grandfather as it has been passed down on this side of the family. However we have no paper documentation or authentication for it. Where would we be able to obtain this type of document to create a full historical display?

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          Could you provide some additional information on the individual that received the sword. Name, DOB, place of birth. Do you know if this sword given was ceremonial or was he an officer. Any other information and maybe a pic of the sword if that's even possible.


          I know that certain Army Ordnance for units and divisions sometimes keep track of weapons and fire arms.






          Elliot Schneider

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              Katherine DiLorenzo Newbie

              I don't have a picture, as I said, it's in my cousins possession. We just would like to have some sort of history to present along with the sword, so future generations know about its history and how it belongs in the family. The soldier was Frederick Kohler born in 1819 Wuerttemburg, Germany. Died in 1913 in Troutville, PA. I don't know his military information, only that he was a union soldier of some sort.

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              Jason Atkinson Ranger

              Dear Ms. DiLorenzo,


              Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


              Military records in the custody of the National Archives do not include the record of assignment and operational activity of individual pieces of equipment.  Under normal War Department records management procedures, such documentation would be destroyed after initial administrative use.  Also, we have no authority to appraise or authenticate historical objects.  We suggest that you contact a reputable antiques dealer in your area.


              We hope this is helpful.