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    Seeking where family members were relocated from their villages

    Alexandra Florimonte Newbie

      My grandmother emigrated from the Usrzyki Dolne region of Galicia, Austria-Hungary about 1912. Her family left behind was most likely relocated from their village of Jasień during WW I. Is there any way to find out where they would have been sent? The people of this region were Ukrainian Catholic (Greek Orthodox) and were considered undesirable. Many of my DNA cousins have been able to find out where their family members were sent, but I haven't been able to. Is there a way to find out where they were relocated, based upon which villages they lived in? The relocations occurred in WWI, WWII, and in the early 1950s. Family names are Humełycz, Klus, Syroid, Hentosz, Korzeniowska, Dupiłka, Birgj, and Rinne. The villages are: Jasień, Rownia, Stefkowa, Łodyna, and possibly Berehy Dolne (now Brzegy Dolne).