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    What was the Hummingbird Project?

    Tai Stith Wayfarer

      Papers were found at our local museum that were security documents for a (now declassified) project called the Hummingbird Project (1957). The Atomic Energy Commission headed up the project and parts of the project were carried out at the U.S. Bureau of Mines in Albany, Oregon. The AEC's San Francisco Operations Office was the contact for the project but the University of California--Berkeley Radiation Laboratory was also involved with whatever the Hummingbird project entailed. A purchase order numbered SAN-RL-58-71 for $75,000 was included in a letter from Milton F. Moore (AEC) to Mark Wright of the US-BOM. All documents pertaining to the Hummingbird project were dated in 1957.


      FOIA requests have been run through UC-Berkeley and the Dept. of Energy with no success. No documents on OSTI have been found that appear to pertain to this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated!