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    Seeking records about Tin Recovery Project

    Tai Stith Wayfarer

      I am seeking information regarding the Tin Recovery program that was a joint project between Hanford and Albany, Oregon in 1952. At first the project was classified, but one document regarding the agreement between Donald G. Sturges of Hanford and Stephen M. Shelton of the Albany, Oregon Bureau of Mines was declassified in the year 2000. The project was hailed as an industry success, but questions remain about the nature of the material that was sent to Albany for reclamation. Environmental analysis, and the one document that was declassified, suggest that the materials were known to be "contaminated" after being used in Hanford reactors. Albany employees were apparently unaware the materials they were handling were contaminated.


      Any further documents released by Hanford or the Atomic Energy commission regarding Albany, Hanford, and the "Reclaiming of Tin Recovery Plant By-Products," or "Tin Recovery," would be an excellent asset for the history book I'm writing. The events that took place in the Tin Recovery plant in the early 1950's could potentially have had an extreme impact on worker's health and the environment. More information is needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!