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    Seeking information about mother's & grandmother's family

    Theodore R. Bynum, Jr. Newbie

      I am trying to find out information about my mother's side of my family.  Specifically, my mother's and grandmother's history is very clouded and secretive -- both have passed and we are African American.  My mother's married name was Ruther Magdalene Bynum.  My father called her Lucille.  My mother told me her maiden name was Donaldson and that she was born in Searcy, Arkansas on September 2, 1907.  Surprisingly, I know the name of my great grandmother on her side, Carrie Lawson, who was born in 1872 and the name of her husband, my great grandfather on her side, Luther Lawson.  I know my mother had a daughter, who died of rheumatic fever early in life and a son named Alonzo Butler. I know my mother was raised by my great grandmother, Carrie Lawson, not her mother,  Corine Howard (married last name), born December 25, 1895.  My father's name is Theodore R. Bynum.  He was born on May 4, 1912  in Augusta, Arkansas. My mother and father spent much of their adult lives in St. Louis, MO., where I was born. I know nothing of mom's relatives, her maiden name does not fit with any of the kid's names.  She told me she had cousins in St. Louis but was always vague about them. I visited Searcy, Arkansas in 2008 and could not find her birth certificate.  She did tell me that the minister did not register the marriage certificate with my father but showed it to me -- I lost it in a move.  So, any help anyone can give me, I would appreciate it.