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    Seeking biological father's date & place of birth

    Mary Porter Newbie

      We want to find an official record (or even a newspaper listing) that will tell us the date of birth of my spouse's biological father (deceased). He and his twin believed they were born on a certain date, but we cannot find an announcement of their birth in a newspaper and we do not have a birth certificate or any other evidence. We have some suspicion that the DOB the twins were told is incorrect. We are not sure whether the twins' parents split up just before they were born or sometime after. If after, then the twins were likely born in Pennsylvania (or possibly nearby in New Jersey).  If before, it is likely that the twins were born in Utah. My best guess is Pennsylvania.

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          Susannah Brooks Pioneer

          Could you give us the name and year of birth (that he was given) of the person?  It would allow us to help you look for the information.

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              Mary Porter Newbie

              Yes. And thank you for helping with this!


              Her biological father (whose birth info we are seeking) was told that his name was Kean Hunter Evans and he and his twin brother were told they were born on 18 July 1961. His mother was Joan Farley Vearling Evans (Born 31 Jan 1938 Provo, Utah; died 19 Jan 2002 Vernal, Utah) and the twins were told (by their mother) that their father was Dave Evans. Kean's twin later found out that their father was Francis Thomas Vearling Jr. (Born 18 Jul 1930 Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 25 May 1996 Temple City, Los Angeles Co., California).

              Francis Thomas Vearling Jr. had been married to Joan Farley for several years and he was the father of the twins' two older brothers:

              Craig Thomas Vearling Evans (Born 21 APR 1958 • Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ) and

              Kevin Roy Vearling Evans (Born 13 JAN 1960 • Bucks County, Pennsylvania).

              Craig and Kevin knew that Vearling was their father.


              From what I have heard about the twins' mother (Joan), I would not rely on information she provided, including the twins' date of birth. We have found no evidence that the twins were actually born on July 18, 1961. I think that might or might not be their actual birth date -- July 18 is also the birth date of their biological father (Vearling). My guess would also be that they were born in Pennsylvania, like their older brothers, rather than in Utah, but I'm not certain about this.


              This is Kean's obituary, written by one or more of his wife Judy's adult children.


              In the obituary, they chose to mention only one of Kean's three brothers, and they did not mention the two daughters that Kean had fathered before his marriage to Judy.

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                  Susannah Brooks Pioneer

                  In order to obtain a Social Security number, driver's license, passport or other official documents by the early 1980's when they became adults or when they first registered for school in the 1960's, the twins would have to have provided a birth certificate.  At the time of Francis T. Vearling's father's death in Dec 1961, his obituary states that his son (with the same name) was living in Trenton(NJ), which is just across the river from Bucks Co PA.  Unless their mother had moved to Utah in late 1960 or very early 1961, I would assume the twins were born in either Bucks Co or Trenton NJ. 

                  I would suggest that you request a birth certificate for Kean from either or both states.  Proof of who the biological father was, would depend on DNA evidence.

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                Alice Lane Pioneer

                Hi Mary,

                Welcome to History Hub

                I found a family tree for your relatives on familysearch.org. It is a free website you just need to register to use.

                Francis Thomas Vearling (1930–1996) | Person | Family Tree | FamilySearch


                I suggest that you try to get in touch with the people (just click on the names of the source) who have contributed to the family tree to find out if they have some other information for you.


                Good Luck in your search


                Alice Lane

                Research Volunteer