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    Seeking records of William Noden & John Johnson

    David Layland Newbie

      Seeking any information about William Noden, my GGGGrandfather, who served with the 10th USCT as an assistant surgeon. Also looking for information on a John W Johnson, who is believed to have died by his side and gave him his fiddle before he passed away. William Noden was from Canada. I can't seem to find any record thus far to confirm this family story. I have found 4 John Johnson's that served with the 10th USCT, and 2 records of hospitalization, but no records of any John Johnson passing away during the Civil War. Thank you!


      *Update* May now have the answer to which John Johnson gave his fiddle to my GGGGrandfather, William Noden. My questions raised now are:


      1) Did surgeons or assistant surgeons receive a pension at wars' end?

      2) With a serious injury suffered was a soldier put on disability right away and then pension years later?

      3) Anyone have ideas on how to track down John Johnson after the war ended? He was 18 when enlisted in 1864, from Baltimore, Maryland. Would love to know how he made out after.