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    Seeking answers to name change(s) on DD-214


      I was discharged in December 2012, and started this volatile relationship in March 2014 with a soldier that I worked with. I have spoken to the domestic violence experts at the VA and local organization. They both suggested unpublished name change but I am currently looking for a job and I do need to submit a DD-214 when I apply for a job. I haven't gone to the court to change the name yet cause I know how many things need to be changed. I have applied for a name change back in 2019 with the Army Review board or something like that, and they said no because to them, it was just a name change. I didn't tell them why I changed my name. So here's my questions: (1) Would it be possible to change the name on DD214 due to domestic violence? (2) If so, what kind of documents do I need to provide other than the court name change order? and (3)  If not, has anyone dealt with situations such as this where you will have to submit one or two name change documents with the DD-214 and explain this on a cover letter? Thanks.

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          The National Personnel Records Center does not hold Army Official Military Personnel Files past September 30, 2002.  We strongly recommend that you contact Army HRC again with the reason you changed your name.  Their hotline number is 1-888-ARMYHRC (276-9472).  You may also contact the DoD Safe Helpline for more information regarding name changes for domestic violence reasons.  Their hotline number is (877) 995-5247.  Your state government also may have a program for confidential name changes that may be able to help.


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              Thank you so much for the phone number. I have emailed their customer service and they just told me that I could re-submit. And I, of course being myself, asked specifics of the statistics of those cases if there were any and how many were actually getting corrected. And the lady couldn't give me the statistics and all they could do is to encourage them (us, me) to submit the request (practically saying, well the worst thing would be no, so you are not losing anything). At this point, the threat from my ex and his underlings (I call them so cause they all have the same area code or Ohio area codes, I hate that state to the fullest, never met anyone with a normal brain and for me to say it as a cognitive psychologist, it is a lot) has decreased and I feel that I could wait a bit. Also getting my first name changed that I have had for all my life is weird though I only speak to one sister of mine. But my GP, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc know me as my current first name. For women, last name change isn't seen strangely, but I don't want to change and explain why I had to do it, which will remind me of the trauma I had. So I'm just hesitating at this point. The customer service lady's answer wasn't certain enough, I wonder if it's even worth the hassle. But I do appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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              I assume you went through the Army Discharge Review Board because of the age of your discharge did you utilize the DD293. Anything over 15 years you would use the DD149. I would appeal if you are within the timeframe otherwise you may have to resubmit.


              Their website states the following:


              Information on DD214 Name Changes:

              The Board will consider applications for name changes to the DD214 to correct an error or remove an injustice.  The applicant must provide justification demonstrating that they were a victim of an error (i.e., genuine error) or that having their former name on their DD-214 causes an injustice (e.g., due to a divorce or their transgender status).  A signed and authenticated court order providing proof the applicant's name was legally changed should accompany the application.  As with all applications to the Board, each application for a name change will be considered on its own merits.






              Hope this helps,


              Elliot Schneider

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                  I'm not trying to change the discharge status. I was discharged honorably and DD293 is to request an upgrade of a military discharge from the review board. I don't think I could "upgrade" from honorable. It's merely changing the name on the DD214. And yes it only has been 8 years so I used DD149 which is the correction. I have read their website, and have emailed them since I have submitted two (one to change the name first time when I didn't realize there is a way to change the name "unpublished" for the domestic violence victims, which I recently received the reply for and it was denied, so I could re-submit according to the email I received from the HRC). DD293 is for those that have gotten other than honorable (like my ex boyfriend who is about to get "eliminated" if the officer elimination board went well) to get it upgraded to honorable in order to receive some VA benefits and no I do not associate myself with those people. To me they are the disgrace to the military and veterans who actually did serve without getting in trouble and get honorable. Thanks anyway.