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    Seeking records of reopening the US Embassy in Paris

    James Saxon Newbie

      I am looking for State Department records relating to the reopening of the US Embassy in Paris after the liberation of Paris, in September-December 1944.  (Secondarily, January-June 1945.). Family lore is that my grandfather, also James Saxon, was among the first at the Embassy as it reopened.  The Embassy formally reopened December 1, 1944, and indeed it is clear from the Henry Morgenthau diaries in the FDR library that he was in Paris by October 11, as a Treasury representative investigating collaboration by American banks (Chase, and Morgan & company) with the Germans.  There is some material on his relationships with the American ambassador and his French counterparts.  But it is fairly limited. Could you recommend which collections (preferably digitized!) I might consult? I could not make any progress with the online records of the State Department -- which seem to be limited to detailed, decimal finding guides for inaccessible materials.


      I should note that I am aware of the documents in the Foreign Relations of the United States, that culminated with the recognition of the Provisional Government of the French Republic with Caffery as Ambassador, on October 23 1944 - https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1944v03/d692 and indeed, of preceding work by Caffery and Selden Chapin with the French Committee of National Liberation, in Paris and Algiers.  My grandfather worked closely with both of them. I am looking for lower-level documents about the activities at the Embassy and its civilian staff in Paris, in the period between the liberation of Paris and the formal opening of the Embassy to the public.