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    Seeking information about Eric Bell Hotelling

    William Sonn Newbie

      I'm looking for information about Eric Bell Hotelling, 1924-1991, for a book project. He served in several Army companies in WWII and then the Air Force Reserves after the war. He received his PhD from Michigan in chemistry and held 40-some patents. His most prominent employer was Yoo-Hoo Beverage Company. He lived in the Northeast, mostly New Jersey & Pennsylvania. He was married to Berenice (native of Pittsburgh) and, late in life, Elizabeth or Betty. He was investigated several times by the FBI and then the Office of Naval Intelligence, probably in relation to working at places with Defense contracts, although I don't know that for sure. I have details of his biography (family, war record, personality) but what I have is full of holes in my knowledge of his workplaces, the ONI investigations, political activities (probably in New Jersey) & beliefs, associations with political groups.