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    Seeking Civil War (Union) records for Joseph Gomer

    Dave Datema Newbie

      I am researching an African-American man named Joseph Gomer (1834-1892), who was a missionary to Africa. Some of his biographers mention that he was in the civil war, and that he returned from the war from New Orleans, but his name does not appear in the Soldiers and Sailors database nor in Fold3. In 1860 Census, he was living in Chicago. I did find one "Jos. Gomer" in a rendezvous list index (US Navy), but that card says "see Jos. Gomes". Gomes is found in the weekly rendezvous lists, but Gomer is not, which indicates to me that his name was confused with Gomes. There is one biographical reference to his being a sailor on Lake Michigan, but I haven't been able to verify this. This would at least make his presence in the Naval rendezvous list sensible. And since he came up from New Orleans when his term was over, I have wondered if he was part of the Mississippi Squadron or the group that blockaded the Gulf. I am at a loss to know where to search next. Advice?