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    Seeking War of 1812 Pension files for David Van Cott

    Deborah Coon Newbie

      Hi!  I an researching for a friend, I have located the index card on Fold3 for her ancestor, David Van Cott, and his widow, Mary Ann.  It lists 4 different documents from the War of 1812 Pension files: Sur Orig 5887;  Sur Ctf 2904;  Wid Orig 16115; and Wid Ctf 10232.  I can guess at all the abbreviations except "Sur."  What does that stand for, and most important, how can I order the contents of these four files?  I tried to use the NARA site's section for ordering forms online but it seems that it's either disabled or I just can't figure out how to use it. Help, please!