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    Seeking Court of Chancery Records in New York

    Sarah Glass Newbie

      Hi, I am looking for original or transcribed documents related to Ebenezer Smith Platt and his being appointed a ward to Jesse and Hannah Smith in 1783 (Suffolk?).  I am looking for both the original designation of him as ward and any follow-up documents regarding Jesse and Hannah Smith.  Hannah Smith seems to have "disappeared" after 1783 and I am specifically looking for documentation that Ebenezer Smith Platt left New York for Kentucky with her - including the possibility that ES Platt married her and she "became" Rebecca Smith. I believe these records would be with the Court of Chancery Archives in New York (1683-1847). Are these archives accessible online? And are there other ideas for where such court documents can be obtained for review? I have had no luck using other online resources. Thanks