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    Seeking unit identification & information on medical unit

    Joseph C Jenkins III Newbie

      I am a luthier attempting to preserve a guitar that traveled with a soldier whose nickname was "Cowboy Red" in World War II from 1942-1944. He was in some sort of medical unit. That much can be determined by the information written on the guitar. Also written on the guitar are all the last names of the men in his unit. two other luthiers and myself would like to preserve this instrument. It is in bad shape, but we think we can put this guitar back into playing condition, while maintaining its original look, in honor of these WWII veterans  The unit information written on the outside of the guitar which is still visible is:


      Med. Sec. #1 ____

      257 2nd S _________

      1__ P_lveir



      Then on the  player's side of the guitar is written:


      Boys of




      Any help that anyone can give me information which will aid in more accurately identifying the unit, it will be most appreciated. I am happy to send photographs of the instrument to anyone who thinks seeing the actual writing might help in identification. Thank you