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    Correcting Errors in Completed Documents

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      In the process of reviewing documents in Clara Barton's General Correspondence I found some errors in two completed documents that need to be corrected.  I was flipping forward and back through the collection to get context and try to find clearer versions of names and words.  That worked great and helped me figure those words out in the document I was reviewing, BTW.


      If it is possible for the LOC staff to unlock the document and make the correction, great!  Also happy to make the correction myself if I see when it is open for editing again before someone else gets to it.  Either way, I'm posting the links to both documents (and my proposed corrected text) below. 


      Thanks in advance,



      One document is at:  https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/clara-barton-angel-of-the-battlefield/general-correspondence/mss119730243/mss119730243-32/


      [*D. S. Estem-     Palmer

      Ansd May 28

      34 Stephen Barter Sr.*]

      [**Stationery stamp**]


      Reformatory Prison.

      [**Postage stamp**]






      Clara Barton

      Supt. Reformat'y Prisin

      South Framingham




      New York, August 7/1897


      Miss Clara Barton

      President of the National

      Red Cross

      Washington. D.C.


      J'ai l'honneur de vous adresser

      Le supplement du Petit Journal

      qui vous permettra de juger de

      l'utilité et du service que les

      Secouristes Français sout appelisa

      rendre en temps de guerre.  Quand

      aus temps de paix notre socièté

      quoique datant que de trois

      années s'elève toujours et elle

      est reconuie en France d'utilité



      The second document is at:  https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/clara-barton-angel-of-the-battlefield/general-correspondence/mss119730243/mss119730243-33/


      Du reste Madame vous avez du

      en voir les preuves dans les deux

      comptes rendu officiel que je vous

      ai envoyé.

      Dans l'espoire Madame

      d'avoir confirmation de votre lettre

      qui me discuit que lorsque vous

      vienderiez à New York vous désiriez

      avoir audience avec moi au sujet

      des Secouristes Français. Je me

      mets entierement à votre disposition

      au nom Des Secouristes Français

      dont je suis leurs répresentant

      Veuillez Madame recevoire

      Mes sinceres salutations

      Emile Eichmann

      Secouriste Français

      1 West 97 Street

      New York City



      [*Translate just here, please.*]


      I have the honour

      to send you the supplement

      to the "Petit Journal"

      from which you can judge

      of the utility & of the

      service which the "French

      Secouristes" are called upon

      to render in time of war.

      As to times of peace, our

      society, though but three

      years old, is constantly

      growing, & is already

      from its public work

      recognized in France. 

      Of the rest, Madame,