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    Seeking family living at my address in Detroit

    traci harmon Newbie

      How would I find out who lived in my home in 1930 in Detroit, MI? Census records?

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          Susannah Brooks Pioneer

          The 1930 Census would give their address during April 1930.  City directories for Detroit would also give the address for any working adults and often time widows are also listed.  City directories, like modern phone books, usually collected the information one year and published it the following year, so for a 1930 address it would be best to look in the 1931 directory.

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            Grace Yuhasz Adventurer

            My suggestion is to go to the Unified 1930 Census ED Finder on SteveMorse.org.  (ED = Enumeration District)



            --Make sure the year selected at the top of the page is 1930.


            --Select the state, county, and city.


            --Put in the house number and select the street name.


            --To narrow down the results, select some cross streets near the address.


            --Under the section “1930 ED numbers corresponding to your location, there should be at least one Enumeration District number (in blue).  They should look like this: 31-6.  Select one of them.


            --This will take you to the census images on FamilySearch.org.  You will need to sign up for a free account to view them. 


            --In case you are unfamiliar with census records:

            The street names are written, usually sideways, in Column One.  House numbers are in Column Two.  Sometimes it helps to turn the image so you can read the street names--select the "Tools" button on the right and then select "Left".  Use the white arrow buttons on the left side of the page to go page by page until you locate your address


            The census taker had a certain order they were required to list houses.  Without looking at the 1930 instructions, I can’t tell you their exact pattern.  In cities they usually enumerated a block and then moved on to the next block, so picture a rectangle being made, then another rectangle. The street you are looking for will probably be listed more than once in an ED, so keep flipping pages.  (Sometimes a house was missed in the original listing and was added out of order on the last page of the ED.)


            If you don't find the address you are looking for in the ED number you chose, go back to the SteveMorse.org results and choose another ED.


            Keep in mind that house numbers and street names may have changed over the years.  If you have trouble locating the house, Steve Morse has a tool Obtaining Street Name Changes in One Step. 



            City directories will also help with this.  If you are still having trouble, you could also try looking at the 1940 Census and work backwards. 


            Happy Hunting!



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