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    Seeking immigration records for Bartkowski family

    Glen Williams Newbie

      Good day, I have been looking since 1999 for information about my family that immigrated to America between 1881 and 1886 using such sites as FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com with no luck of any kind. I have found baptismal records for the family in Barry County, Missouri and the only mention of Poland is "Palonia" in my gg grandfather's record.

      1. Michael Bartkowski born abt. 1823 in Poland-Ger. and says he immigrated in 1882 to America

      2. Joannes and Anna Bartkowski born  about 1844 and 1838 respectively and state that they immigrated with their son (Stanley or Stanislaus) of about 10 years old between 1884-1885 to America.

      3. Stanley (Stanislaus) Bartkowski born 1873 in Poland (maybe near Plock) and immigrated with his parents between 1884-1885