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    Seeking Army & Marine Corps service records of George Lewis

    Heidi Sproat Newbie

      I am looking for the service records of George Washington Lewis, (a Junior but that term never used) (GWL).  His father's name is same and signed forms as Geo. W. Lewis. The source of information I have is GWL enlistment oath and roll, 29 Nov. 1861 for a four year term. Tredyffrin was then spelled:  “Trydifern”, and that GWL was “vaccinated”, occupation carpenter.  His enlistment executed in Philadelphia, by ironically, a Capt. James Lewis, USMC on 11/29/1861. GWL was born  on 12/1/1840 in Chester County, PA and died on 5/19/1907 in Chester Co., Borough Malvern, as a widower, occupation carpenter. Some background:  He first enlisted and mustered into service 9/4/1861 for 3 years (?) as a private, age 21, maybe with Co. E 61st.  The unit was engaged in 21 Oct. 1861 during the Battle of Ball's Bluff with Col. E.D. Baker who was killed as many of his regiment.  GWL was supposedly reassigned but shows up next as enlisted in USMC 11/29/1861 in Wash., DC.  I HAVE actual 12/22/1861 and 1/11/1862 handwritten letters from GWL to his brother Thomas from the Marine Barracks in Wash, D.C.  Private, then age 21.

      Is DISCHARGED 2/12/1866 from Mare Island, California. 


      How was he assigned there and HOW did he wind up there?  Through Isthmus of Panama or around Cape Horn?  WHY was he there? Suggestions he "may" have served aboard the USS SARANAC on west coast, but can't find him on any rosters. Any suggestions to find records or how he wound up on west coast during Civil War? May have travelled on ship with guys named Fox or Ashtung (?) (names appear in letters TO GWL).