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    1898 German language newspaper transcription

    David Ferry Wayfarer

      I just transcribed some newspaper clippings that were written in German using the fraktur typeface.  They are in the Theodore Roosevelt Papers: Series 1: Letters and Related Material, 1759-1919; 1759, Aug. - 1898, May


      I was mainly using the Wikipedia page on Fraktur as a guide (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraktur ) but I found some of the letters too close to call.  I would really appreciate it if someone with expertise in this area could give my transcriptions a good scrub.  There are two articles and a listing of personnel who were in a German Battalion.  One of the articles described the activities and leadership of a German-American military unit.  There are lots of names here and it would be great if we can get the transcription as close to accurate as possible in case anyone is doing family history research.   


      Page 1046


      Page 1047