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    Seeking military records of JD Gier

    Peg Wolfe Wayfarer

      My father was JD Gier.  He was born in Thomas County, Seneca, Nebraska, on Sept 3, 1921.  He entered into the military at Fort Warren, WY.  In his Separation papers, he fought battles in Rome, Arno and Rhineland.  These were listed before his battles: GO 33 D 45.  His highest rank was Corporal, but that didn't usually last very long because he liked to have fun.  He was hospitalized in France with two collapsed lungs and was on oxygen for three months.  While recouping at the hospital, he worked as a guard for prisoners at the hospital.  I believe the hospital was in Chelon but again, not sure about that.  His separation from the service was at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas on Jan 15 1946.  If anyone can help me with information on my dad, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.