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    Seeking Manufacturer Reports due to Asbestos Information Act

    Timothy Murphy Newbie

      I am trying to obtain copies (hopefully in digital form) of reports by several manufacturers of asbestos products submitted pursuant to the Asbestos Information Act in the 1980s. I have not had any luck online so far. Does anyone know whether/where I can obtain access? Thanks in advance.

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          J. Andrew Scout

          To which agency were they submitted?

          Have you already tried contacting that agency?

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            Jason Atkinson Pioneer

            Dear Mr. Murphy,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!

            We searched the Records of the Environmental Protection Agency (Record Group 412) but were unable to locate a record series in National Archives custody that matches your request.


            We were able to locate Federal Records Center Transfer W412-94-0141, which may have files related to this matter.  W412-94-0141 is in the physical custody of the Washington National Records Center (a National Archives facility), but it remains in the legal custody of the EPA  and requests to access these records must go through the EPA.  These records were originally scheduled under disposition authority NC1-412-85-12 Item 17C, which covers data provided by asbestos manufacturers, processors and importers on asbestos production, importation, exportation, processing, worker exposure waste and disposal and pollution control. The data were reported on EPA form 7710-36 Reporting Chemical and Industrial Users of Asbestos and EPA form 7710-37 Reporting Secondary Processing and Importation of Asbestos Mixtures. Please note that these records may contain confidential business information restricted under FOIA Exemption 4.


            For more information on these and other EPA records, please contact EPA Records Officer, John Ellis, at ellis.john@epa.gov


            We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!