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    How will volunteer hours be counted?

    Angel Avelar Newbie

      I wanted to transcribe for By the People because I wanted more service learning hours for my school. However, it is not said where/how these hours will be counted for nor is it stated to whom I can turn in my service hour form to in order to approve my hours.

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Angel!


          Our platform does not track volunteer time. If it is important for your institution to have a record of the amount of time you’ve spent on the site, it is best for you keep track of your own hours. Please make sure in advance that this will meet your requirements.

          You can also email crowd@loc.gov to request an electronic letter on Library of Congress letterhead confirming that you have taken part in By the People. This letter can confirm that you are a registered By the People volunteer and the number of actions you have taken on the site.  Again, we are unable to track your hours.

          If you register an account you can access your activity info on your profile by signing in, clicking “Account” on the top right, and selecting your profile from the drop down list. The profile page allows you to track the actions you take, the pages you work on, and the date and time you submitted your transcription, review or tag. Be sure to log in each time you take part!

          I hope this will meet your service hour needs!