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    Seeking what happened at China Point in 1888

    Howard Scott Wayfarer

      So, here's my problem. From what I've read here in Cle Elum, WA area, we had the Knights of Labor, African Americans, the Pinkerton's from Northern Pacific Railroad, and a highly Catholic community at Roslyn. And we have this 130-plus year story about a massacre of Chinese miners working a placer claim on a river.  In 2015, I read a senior thesis from UW titled "A Massacre At China Point," by Michael P. Hartman. But for us in Washington State the trail goes cold. Personally as a lifelong Washingtonian, I believe something happen in 1888. All we have so far are the local names for the location and the reports of "hearsay" from the taped recordings of Fred Krueger, a High School History Teacher at Cle Elum in 1972. (CWU Archives). From the Hartman writing, Adolph Elsner's interview was reported as a rumor. Adolph's family owned the general store in Galena where people mining in the mountains bought their supplies.  The site I'm looking for is known locally as China Falls, China Jump, China Gorge, and China Point at Township 22N Range 14E Section 9. The other information available on this incident quoted unreferenced materials. Again, Thank you