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    Seeking listing of and medals received by SS Southland crew

    Michael Arnold Newbie

      I am trying to trace the names of the crew of SS Southland and the medals they were awarded for their part in engaging a U-Boat whilst sailing from Newfoundland to UK in Convoy RB1. The Convoy comprised of 2 Escorts Vanoc, Veteran 8 assorted vessels including Southland and sister boat Northland. They sailed on 21 September 1942. Four days later, U-Boats found them. On the 5th day during the afternoon, Southland engaged a U-boat firing 14 rounds from its 12 pounder gun at a periscope.  This disappeared but another was spotted and the Southland gun fired 18 rounds at it and it disappeared. The Southland was given credit for a probable kill. The convoy lost 3 ships sunk. A newspaper article by the Washington Evening News refers to this engagement And refers to certain members of the crew receiving awards from George VI. I have the history of the Southland and Northland from when they were built until they are scraped, but I am struggling to find this important part of their history. Any help would be appreciated. Just a bit of clarification the Northlands name was changed and became Leyden (1X-167) and there was also a destroyer named Southland.