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    Searching Loc.gov for clues to deciphering words

    George Carpenito Newbie

      I’ve been trying to review some of the NAWSA documents. Many of the documents have illegible words and a fair amount of them are names. I feel that at least getting the names  transcribed is more important than some of the other words. One of the tactics I use is to look at adjacent documents to see if a name is also used there and has possibly been already deciphered. Another tactic is searching Loc.gov for other documents that mention the person I am transcribing along with a name that may be similar to what I am trying to decipher and see if that fits.

      SO my question is, Is there a way to do a secondary search at Loc.gov searching for what I know only within a group of documents I am looking at from my primary search? EX: I am looking at a NAWSA document from Beth Atwood, in it she mentions a person named June something, in Loc.gov, I found some of Beth Atwood’s documents that are already done and I would like to search for June within those documents. Is there a way to do that?