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    Seeking records of Charles Lindbergh landing Corsair in Norman, OK


      My late father, a World War II Navy pilot, in his memoirs said that while he was training in Norman, Oklahoma, in the last half of 1943, he saw legendary pilot Charles Lindbergh “land a Corsair fighter plane on our field. He had blown a tire on takeoff from an unknown field. … I watched a world class aviator bring in the huge fighter plane, landing on the left wheel with most of the weight of the big fighter on that side until he came to a stop without the huge three-bladed propeller touching the tarmac. It was not until much later when I flew that airplane myself that I could appreciate the feel Lindbergh had for that airplane. There must be a record somewhere of that flight.” My dad, referring to the many letters he sent home to his parents while training, said: “I suspect that the few cadets who were informed of the event were told not to write about it, for I made no mention of the event [in his letters]. Can anyone verify that Lindbergh event or have any details of it? Thanks