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    Can I get certified NARA census records in person in DC

    Laura Schmidt Newbie

      Hello, I live in Washington DC and am applying for dual italian citizenship.  My ancestor never naturalized and I need certified copies of the 1920 census record and the 1930 census record to help prove this.  I do not need to search for these pages, I already know both pages that I will need certified. I also need a "no record found" letter from NARA showing that they did not find paperwork on his naturalization. My question is this:  When NARA reopens, can I get both of these things in-person or is this something I have to mail away for no matter what?

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          Shannon Kerner Adventurer

          Dear Ms. Schmidt,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Currently, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has suspended reproduction and digitization services until further notice due to COVID-19. This includes certifications. Orders will not be serviced until operations can resume safely. Once operations resume, document reproduction requests will be filled in the order in which they were received. We apologize for any inconvenience.


          The National Archives does not have the authority to issue a certification of non-existence of a record, and can only issue a negative search letter. Negative results for a search of National Archives holdings only indicates that a naturalization record is not in the possession of the National Archives, not that it does not exist.


          USCIS has exclusive authority over matters concerning citizenship records after 1906 and can provide a Certification of Non-Existence of a Record of Naturalization. If you have any questions, email certificateofnonexistence@uscis.dhs.gov.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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              Laura Schmidt Newbie

              Thanks for your reply.  I am aware that NARA is closed and I am able to mail in requests that will be handled in the order they are received when they reopen.  However, this is what I am trying to avoid.  My question is whether or not I am able to get certified copies of census records in-person, specifically, once they reopen.  To clarify, can I walk into NARA in College Park or DC and get certified copies of census records?


              As far as the CoNE is concerned, that is not what I am requesting.  I have already contacted USCIS and gotten a certified CoNE.  What I am requesting is a letter from NARA that they send when they have performed a search and there is 'no record found.'  This does not need to be certified. The Italian consulate requires this letter from NARA to document that I have checked with NARA as to the existence of a naturalization record or not.  Thank you,