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    How accurate are Pedigree entries in FamilySearch

    William Wadl Newbie

      How accurate are the pedigree lines entered in family tree from others on FamilySearch.org?

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          Susannah Brooks Pioneer

          I recommend that you only use pedigree charts (lines), family trees, and any other user created information as clues for your  research, unless they are thoroughly documented from original documents or sources (not other trees, etc).  When you first look at someone's family tree do the common sense test. Examples of common sense test questions: Could a parent have actually have been born 5 years before their child?  Could children in the family have been born 6 months apart to the same mother?   Was the birth mother 65 when her last child was born?  Did a person immigrate to the US 18 years after their death?   I have found all of these "facts" in on-line trees on familysearch and ancestry.