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    Seeking records about General Victoriano Huerta while at Fort Bliss

    Maria Payne Newbie

      Hello, I work with the historical team at the Fort Bliss Environmental Division. I am searching for information concerning General Huerta's stay at Fort Bliss, Texas.  From the research that I have conducted so far, I learned that he was placed under house arrest at Fort Bliss on July 9, 1915  and remained at the post until around November 4th, 1915.  On December 8, 1915 he was placed under house arrest again at the post and remained at Fort Bliss until December 28, 1915.  While we would appreciate any information regarding General Huerta's stay at Fort Bliss, we are especially interested in acquiring information concerning where General Huerta was living at Fort Bliss and what his accommodations were like.  If you can provide us with any information on this topic or recommend any sources that we should research I would really appreciate it. Thank you