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    Seeking history of property in Philadelphia

    Lynn Taylor-Buccafuri Wayfarer

      I thought that researching the property history of my father's business might lead to information about possible family, or any type of clue?  I don't remember the Surname (or even if he told us the name) of the previous owner, nor do I know how the business was sold to him....privately (meaning a promise of so much money per month until paid) or through a realtor?  I don't know what year he bought it or took over the business, if he started it on his own, or bought the name with the building etc..!  My dad was a mechanic. Dad's business was named  Cresheim Garage (named after “Cresheim  Valley Drive” a street that ran behind building) and if I remember correctly the address was, 231-233 East Mount Pleasant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.

      Dad passed in 1988. Does anyone think it is worth my trying to find any clues?  Where would I look?  Please advise and I thank you in advance for any advice.