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    Seeking student files from Fort Totten Indian School

    Erin Knight Newbie

      I'm currently researching for two sisters from the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Band: (1) Mary Larocque (born ~1895) and (2) Virginia/Virginie/Jenny Larocque (born ~1897). I want to locate their student files, or at the very least, their names in a yearbook or attendance record from Fort Totten. Mary attended Fort Totten from April 1906 to June 1908 according to her 1911 Carlisle Indian School file, but I haven't been able to find any record of her sister Virginia. Nonetheless, I have a strong suspicion that Virginia would have attended Fort Totten with her sister as they were only two years apart in age. 


      My questions are: (1) In what records would I best find this information? (2) When ordering reproductions online, do I order the entire series, or specify a portion of records within it? I've found a few series of textual records within RG 75 that might be relevant (such as https://catalog.archives.gov/id/5898712, among others) and (3) Has the Kansas City archive resumed fulfilling orders for copies of records yet? If not, is there another way to access these records? Thank you for your assistance.