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    Seeking information on Margaret Mae Coy Carwile


      My grandmother's maiden name was Margaret Mae Coy.  I believe she was born in 1885 in Kentucky.  She married my grandfather, Joshua Armstrong Carwile.  Their son, Manford Armstrong Carwile is my father.  My father told me that his mother, Margaret Mae Coy, was 50% Cherokee Indian.  She died before I was born.  I was born in 1944.  I believe my grandmother died in 1938, but I am not certain.  I know very little about her other than I was named after her.  I have been told that Margaret Mae Coy Carwile was exhumed from a Dexter, Missouri, Cemetery and interned in a Missouri Cherokee Cemetery.  I tried searching for her on the Dawes Rolls, but I was unsuccessful in navigating the system.  Can you help me find my grandmother's final resting place?