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    Anna Dickinson

    Henry Rosenberg Pioneer

      I have been working in Anna Dickinson since July in the "in progress" section. Each day I start there and have started to notice that after I save and submit, some of the pages I worked on end up back in "in progress". I do not think this is a glitch in the system but someone may be reviewing and then putting it back in "in progress". I think this is counteproductive. If you want to edit a page, edit it and move it along. There will be pages where we do not get every word. If you want to discuss a page feel free to contact me directly. I have corroborated with other transcribers and would be willing to do it again. Sometimes when we batted a page back and forth we had been able to get the words we had trouble with. Of course, I am just a citizen transcriber and would appreciate input from the moderators.




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          Hi Henry,


          Thank you for volunteering to collaborate with other transcribers on difficult pages! You are an excellent resource for those with less experience.

          From what I can tell, each transcriber may assume a different standard for "completed". When a fellow user resubmits a page it is not necessarily counter-productive but a continuation of the transcription and review process. Your comment is great reminder not to strive for perfection, but to move along pages with a sufficient transcription in place.