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    Seeking memorandum from Prisoner of War records

    Gary Morgan Newbie

      Hi! I'm working on my second book related to Andersonville Prison, and this one attempts to tell stories from the prison that are not commonly known. I am currently working on a chapter on non-military prisoners who were held at Andersonville - there were about 300 of these "citizen prisoners" - but there's not a lot of information available about them.  Pension applications were filed on behalf of a few of them, but because they were not military personnel, they were not eligible for pensions. I know that the Compiled Service Records for Army POWs contains a form titled "Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records" for the soldiers, outlining when and where they were captured, and their ultimate fate.  Would there be memorandum for citizen prisoners who were held as POWs?  Quite a few of these guys were teamsters who were hired by the Quartermaster's office to handle what would now be called the "logistics" of moving supplies intended for the soldiers.  Again, not enough to qualify them for pensions, but I'm wondering if it's enough for there to be some record of them at the NARA. Thanks!