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    Were Hungarian Americans used to help determine bombing targets?


      I received an email a few days ago from a Hungarian who told me my late paternal uncle, Emery "Imre" Fabos (1906-1965) was regarded as a "hero" in Koszeg for somehow having persuaded the U.S. not to bomb this little town in Hungary during World War II.  I had heard from relatives that my uncle and my grandfather were consulted--somehow--about conditions in Hungary, as my grandparents in particular had relatives who were in the Hungarian resistance to the Nazis (and some paid with their lives for this)..  However, I'd never heard of either being involved in determining or rejecting bombing targets and what little I can find on bombings in Hungary suggest it was almost entirely done by the Soviet Union.  How do I find out and from whom, what my grandfather and uncle were doing as civilians to help the State or War Departments?  With whom would they have been working?  This Hungarian thought my uncle had been brought to Italy to look over bombing charts and plans but I have heard nothing of that and can find nothing online to suggest that this happened.  Now what?