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    Seeking Korean War F-86 gun camera footage

    Ned Avejic Newbie

      Good Day, I am looking for gun camera footage from 1LT James D. Carey's F-86E #50-628, of March 19, 1952, or any others that he has. Thank you,

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          Steve Graybill Newbie

          Hello Ned Avejic,


          This is in response to your request seeking Korean War F-86 gun camera footage of 1st Lt. James D. Carey.  I am an archivist with the moving and sound recording branch of the National Archives (NARA). Presently, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, 100% of our staff is working remotely and we do not have access to our records outside of emergency preservation purposes.  Unfortunately, we are not staffed to provide detailed research, or locate specific shots for individual researchers.  Under normal operating status NARA staff can assist researchers with their work, and can make finding aids and records available in our research room in College Park, MD.  However, we did do a search for “F-86” in our online catalog and limited that search to the years 1950-1959 and to “moving images.” You can access the search results here.  Most of the items in this query are from the 342-USAF series.  We did do a further search within the 342-USAF series for “Carey.” The only item we found that may be of potential interest was of a Major Carey and the plane was an F-4C not the F-86. Metadata for that item can be accessed here.


          NARA has not yet announced plans for resuming onsite operations. Once the agency has made such determinations, the Moving Image and Sound Branch will need to assess its activities and available staff to determine when we will be able to open our research rooms.  Updates on our operating status can be found here.


          Please accept our apology that we cannot provide further assistance at this time because of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Still, if the staff of the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at mopix@nara.gov.




          Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch

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